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Arduino- LDR Sensor

This is my Arduino- LDR Sensor Project. I hope you will like it. It is a simple and easy project. But before beginning, I would like to tell you of what is an LDR Sensor and how is it useful.

Light Dependent Resistor

Nowadays due to the advancement of technology, we have come to know about many new gadgets, such as smartwatch, smart light, smart fan, smart A.C., etc.

We can control all these things just at the tip of our fingers. Coming to smart lights, these lights are based on the same LDR principle. This sensor senses the environment and checks whether it is day or night. Once it is nighttime, or the sky is becoming darker, these lights automatically turn on and vice versa. These sensor lights are very helpful to us. Nowadays street lamps are also in-built with this sensor.( See in the second pic beside).

I have made the same model using LDR Sensor.

You can see in the video that when the lights turn off the led turns on and same when it turns on, the led turns off.

Circuit Diagram and Code

Here's the circuit diagram and code for the Arduino- LDR Sensor project.


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