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Arduino Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This is my Arduino- Temperature and Humidity Sensor project. I hope you will like it. You can also make it but first let's know about the most common types of sensors, DHT11 and DHT22. I made this project with DHT 11 module.

Temperature Humidity 
Sensor, DHT11 and DHT22

The most common differences between DHT11 and DHT22 are that the pinouts are the same, wiring to Arduino is the same and programming with a library is similar. (only one line of code is different)

You can use any one of the sensors mentioned above to make this project. 

NOTE: If you only want to get temperature use a DS18B20 temperature sensor instead. You can put it in hot or cold water to measure the temperature.

Arduino- Temperature and humidity sensor; DHT 11,DHT22

Circuit Diagram and Code

Here's the circuit diagram for both DHT 11 and DHT 22 sensor module.

I have also uploaded the codes for both the sensor projects. Upload the code to Arduino.

Code for DHT 11 sensor -


Code for DHT 22 sensor-

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