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10 fun prompts to try on Microsoft’s Copilot AI chatbot:

Microsoft is going all-in with generative AI in Windows and you might have noticed its Copilot AI chatbot sneaking into your taskbar, the Edge browser, and a couple of other unlikely places. While it excels at coding, writing, and analysis, Copilot also has a playful side that makes it great for creative and imaginative prompts. Here are 10 fun ideas to try.

Tweeting in your style-

Challenge Copilot to mimic your unique writing voice by having it study a file of your tweets, emails, or other samples of your prose. Then ask it to "Write 3 tweets on [theme] in the style of [your file name]." It's entertaining to see the AI capture your linguistic tics and tonality.

Seek critiques from influential figures-

We all have opinions, but what would late visionary thinkers like Steve Jobs or Socrates say about them? Try this prompt: "I'll provide an argument or opinion. Criticise it as if you were [celebrity name]." Copilot will take on their persona to poke holes in your stance.

Make absurd comparisons-

Want to see Copilot's creative capabilities put to the test? Ask it to "Justify why a parrot might make a good king of the jungle" or maybe “Can it be ever possible to walk on water?” Its ability to construct logical-sounding rationales for wildly improbable scenarios is impressive and hilarious.

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