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2023 Audi Q8 e-tron review, first drive - Progression:

The e-tron gets a makeover and a proper Audi model designation as the Q8 e-tron now and that also hints at the forthcoming all-electric Q SUVs, requiring familiar nomenclatures thus differentiation among each other.

The e-tron was already a handsome-looking SUV and this facelift brings subtle exterior updates to both body types, the SUV and the Sportback, that make an already sporty looking SUV, sportier still. Redesigned lower bumper and air-dams not just lift the aesthetics of the front-end but also contribute to the aerodynamics with the Q8 e-tron boasting a 0.27 drag coefficient while the Sportback is even lower at 0.24 Cd. Most noticeable of the exterior changes have been made to the grille which gets a new logo design placed on a flat, shiny surface rather than being embossed and one can even spec the car with a blacked out grille. The grille is also illuminated with a strip of LED running across the top. The LED Matrix headlamps also see a redesign, looking sharper and continuing with its numerous micro-mirrors that are capable of projecting light, adapting to lighting conditions and oncoming traffic. The 20-inch wheels are new and compared to the previous iteration, suit the styling of the Q8 e-tron better. The rear remains largely unchanged and with good reason as the Sportback especially, is a design that Audi arguably does the best.

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