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2023 Mercedes-Benz A-Class – Feature highlights in pictures:

Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz updated its entry-level sedan, the A-Class. Launched as a petrol-only offering for now (there is a diesel version coming by the end of 2023), the new A200 is priced at Rs. 45.80 lakh and we have driven it extensively. You can read our review of this sedan, but if you want to know everything that’s new in this 2023 update then read on.

The exterior design updates are minimal on the new A-Class. For starters, the daytime running lights within the headlights are slimmer than before and the headlights themselves come with adaptive high beam assist.

The intakes on the bumper, too, are slightly different, so the update there is hardly palpable. What you may notice instantly though is the redesigned grille that now comes with a honeycomb mesh design and a sleeker chrome line.

Other changes include a new twin-spoke design for the 17-inch alloys and redesigned taillights, which make the A-Class look like a mini C-Class from the back.

Inside, the A-Class continues with its surprisingly premium-looking interiors. The quality is right up there, too. For the 2023 update, Mercedes has improved the user-friendliness of this cabin by updating the telematics and adding a couple of features.

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