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Apple accidentally confirmed a key feature of iPhone 15 Pro models ahead of launch:

Apple is gearing up to make a significant change to its iPhone lineup with the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro series. According to reports, the physical mute switch that has been a familiar feature on iPhones for years is set to be replaced by a new and programmable "Action Button." While rumors about this button have been circulating for some time, its exact functions have remained a mystery. However, code snippets from the fourth iOS 17 beta update, released to developers by Apple, shed light on the capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Action Button.

The code snippets discovered by MacRumors claim that the Action Button could offer a diverse range of nine different functions. Among these possibilities is the ability for users to quickly access accessibility features like Assistive Touch. Another potential function is the integration of the Shortcuts app. If realized, users may be able to run any shortcuts they have created directly from the Action Button.

Apple seems to be keeping some familiar features intact as well. The Action Button is expected to handle silent mode functionality, akin to the current mute switch. This ensures that users can easily switch their phones to silent mode when necessary. The Action Button on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models could also act as a shortcut to rapidly launch the camera app.

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