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Humane AI Pin: 5 things to know about world's first display-less smartphone:

The biggest news in the tech world in the last week has been the Humane AI Pin. The jury is still out on how successful or even relevant the device is right now, but the conversation around has not stopped. Every journalist, critic and reviewer on the web is talking about it, and rightly so, the device brings with it a lot to be curious about.

For the uninitiated, a startup by former Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno called Humane, has long been talking about a device "designed for the AI era". And last week, Humane finally launched its first product called the AI Pin. It's essentially a display-less smartphone which does not look like your traditional slab-like phone. You can wear the AI Pin on your t-shirt and or clip it onto your work desk. The device does not have a screen, but it uses ChatGPT and Bing to do tasks on your behalf, send messages, place calls, take pictures and keep notes.

The AI Pin is your wearable smartphone:

Picture having a nifty lapel pin that's not just a fashion statement but your entire smartphone, minus the display! This little marvel by Humane lets you do everything your regular smartphone does, but it's not something you stare at all day. It's discreetly clipped onto your shirt, and you talk to it. But hold on, it gets even wilder – this AI Pin can project your phone onto your hand for interactive use!

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