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iOS 17.3 will get stolen device protection feature to help users protect their iPhone:

In the past few months, many Apple users have been expressing their concern over the rising trend of iPhone theft and how thieves obtain their passcodes to hack into the devices. A report by The Wall Street Journal also highlighted the concern over this crime, where thieves befriend or spy on their victims, often at bars at night, and coerce them into revealing their passcode. This is sometimes done by asking to see a photo or surreptitiously watching them enter their code, and later stealing the phone. To address this problem, Apple is finally introducing a new feature for iPhones that will make it virtually impossible for thieves to access sensitive information from the iPhone, even if they know the passcode.

With the release of the iOS 17.3 beta, Apple has reportedly added a new security feature called Stolen Device Protection. The feature, when enabled, requires authentication through Face ID or Touch ID to perform certain actions, thereby protecting the data on the iPhone even if someone else tries to open the phone with a passcode.

This newly implemented security feature addresses the threats of iPhone theft and data breaches by enforcing mandatory biometric authentication for critical actions. Once activated, users are required to confirm their identity using either Face ID or Touch ID, even after entering their passcode. 


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