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iOS 17 feature: 3 easy steps to activate StandBy mode on your Apple iPhone:

The most current iOS 17 update from Apple was just released for iPhone owners. There are several intriguing additions and upgrades in the latest iOS 17 version. One standout feature in the latest iOS 17 is StandBy mode, allowing your iPhone to act as a smart display when placed sideways during charging.

Apple claims that you can use StandBy mode to transform your iPhone into a clock for your nightstand, a digital photo frame, a display for widgets, a full-screen Live Activity display, and more.

Here's how you can activate Standby mode on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings and choose StandBy to make your iPhone in StandBy mode.

  • Next, connect the iPhone to a charger and set it down on its side, keeping it stationary.

  • The iPhone enters Standby mode when it is horizontally positioned, locked in, and charging.

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