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iPhone 15, 15 plus, 15 Ultra arrival in September 2023.

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Apple is expected to announce its next generation, iPhone 15 series, in September this year. The company usually launches its new phones around the same time every year, and it will likely introduce the successor to the iPhone 14 series after around two months. This year's event will likely show off four models - iPhone 15, Plus, Pro, and Ultra. But, here we will be taking a look at the regular versions. The leaks so far suggest that the iPhone 15 and its Plus model will get three massive upgrades compared to their predecessors.

Dynamic Island and Back Panel:

The leaks have so far claimed that the standard models in the iPhone 15 series will get Apple's new Dynamic Island feature. This means that the flagship phone will have a punch-hole display design. Though, there is no official confirmation on this. This design is currently limited to only iPhone 14 Pro models. But, this might change this year, which is something that has been in the rumor mill for some time now. This will also help Apple differentiate the new version from previous models as the company was heavily criticized last year for offering the same design on regular models for years.

In addition to this, the leaks suggest that the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus could feature a frosted glass back with a matt finish, just like what we saw on last year's iPhone 14 Pro models.

Massive Camera Upgrades:

The regular versions are said to feature 48-megapixel rear cameras that we have seen on the Pro models of iPhone 14 series. This would be a major upgrade over the 12-megapixel sensors seen on the existing iPhone models. But, one should not expect to see a telephoto lens for optical zoom or a LiDAR on the standard models because this will reportedly be available only with the higher-end models. The Pro Max model is said to have a more prominent camera module, which is said to include up to 5-6x optical zoom-enabled periscope lenses, apart from other sensors.

USB-Type C charging:

One of the biggest changes that the 2023 iPhones are said to come with a USB Type-C port instead of Apple's Lightning port that we have seen on previous models. This will make it easier for people to charge their phones because they will then have to carry only one USB-C charger for all devices.


Some CAD-based renders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max show off the phone's dimensions; it has slightly thicker sides but a smaller overall camera module. A separate set of iPhone 15 Pro renders shows a bigger camera but smaller bezels and capacitive buttons. Additional leaked renders seem to confirm the smaller bezels , with the iPhone 15 Pro likely to have 1.55mm bezels compared to 2.1mm for the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 15 colors:

Not a lot of rumors about what colors Apple will include with the different iPhone 15 models have emerged just yet. The most prominent rumor from 9to5Mac claims the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a dark red color option.

That same report also claimed Apple was look at light blue and pink as color options for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Subsequent posts on Weibo claim that a cyan (or green) color option is slated for those two models as well.


Starting with the "likely," adoption of the A17 chipset would once have felt like a certainty, but only the iPhone 14 Pro models benefited from an all-new chipset, while the regular iPhone used a slightly souped-up version of the A15. We would assume this is the new normal, so the iPhone 15 Pro handsets could get the A17, while the regular iPhone 15 might get an enhanced version of the A16.

A report from TrendForce also suggests that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will keep the A16 Bionic CPU and only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (or Ultra) will get upgraded to the rumored A17 chipset.

Speaking of chips, one sketchy rumor has the iPhone 15 Pro models pegged to get a form of mid-generation refresh to their rumored A17 Bionc chips. This would be a new move by Apple and not something we can fully see the company doing. However, with a potential goal to ensure a smooth supply of chips, perhaps Apple could tap into multiple suppliers, which could cause this rumored split in chips.

Yet another TrendForce report claims that Apple plans to bump the capacity and specification of the iPhone 15's RAM. For the Pro models, that could equal 8GB total. For the iPhone 15, that might means LPDDR5. The report doesn't specify, so we have to speculate.

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