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iPhone 16 Pro: 5 key things you need to know about Apple’s next-gen flagship smartphone:

With Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra recently debuted last week, all eyes are on what Apple may have planned for the next-generation iPhone 16 Pro lineup. Even though Apple traditionally launches new iPhones in September, a flood of leaks and analyst predictions have given us a rough idea of what to expect. Speedier and more power-efficient processors are something we should expect, but Apple could bring hardware changes, giving its top-end iPhone Pro series a much-needed boost.

Twice the storage on iPhone 16 Pro-

Apple has been offering up to 1 TB of storage on the Pro iPhones for a while now, and starting with the iPhone 16, the company is expected to offer up to 2 TB of storage, at least on the pro models, suggests a report from DigiTimes. On top of that, the report also highlights that Apple could opt for a slightly cheaper QLC (Quad-Level Cell) NAND type storage, which is cheaper than the TLC (Triple-Level Cell) NAND.

This would attract content creators, who need an iPhone with large storage capacity, and given iPhones can also shoot 3D Spatial videos, a higher storage variant could also attract power users, who like to store all their data locally on the iPhone. This could also mean, just like the iPhone 15 Pro Max, all variants of the iPhone 16 could finally start at 256 GB of internal storage.

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