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Lexus to foray into used car biz by next year, roll out first EV by 2025 in India:

Toyota-backed luxury carmaker Lexus is looking to make inroads into the used car business by the next year in India. Lexus aims to transition some of its sales outlets to cater to the pre-owned car vertical after factoring in the business viability of the dealer partner. At present, the carmaker sells its product range through 23 touch points.

Lexus India President Naveen Soni said in an interview with PTI that the automaker is seriously considering the introduction of a structured pre-owned car programme. Soni stated that the automaker is studying the market very keenly. "For us, the starting point would be cities where there is a sizable vehicle park," he added.

Soni also mentioned that the company is considering a short buyback scheme for customers. When asked about Lexus’ electric vehicle strategy, he said the automaker is also planning to roll out its first electric vehicle in India by 2025. Soni noted the company brought a few vehicles last year to test them in the diverse climatic conditions and get customer feedback.

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