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Noise Luna is a smart ring with a fighter-jet grade titanium body:

Noise on Tuesday announced its first smart ring -- Luna. Powered by Philips Biosensing, the outer shell of the ring is constructed using a fighter-jet grade titanium body and is available in Sunlit Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black colour options. Luna ring is currently up for pre-booking with no details on the pricing.

Luna is a lightweight smart ring with just 3mm thickness. The inner shell of the ring is made out of hypoallergenic material and is packed with various sensors including an infrared photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor, a skin temperature sensor, and a 3-axis accelerometer. With an integrated battery with support for wireless charging, the smart ring can deliver up to 7 days of battery life.

The smart ring is built on top of an optomechanical design, where, the ring consists of 3 LEDs and 2 PDs. The Noise Luna smart ring can track sleep, measure steps, monitor heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation. The ring is also water resistant with up to 50 meters and can be paired to an Android or iOS device via the NoiseFit app.

The Noise Luna smart ring is available in seven sizes, and can be pre-ordered by purchasing the priority access pass for Rs 2,000, which offers an additional Rs 1,000 discount on the product, free insurance coverage against liquid damage or theft worth Rs 2,000 and a flat 50 per cent discount on the Noise i1 smart eyewear.

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