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OnePlus teases the name of its first folding smartphone, launch expected in August:

OnePlus has long confirmed the launch of its first folding phone this year, though the exact name and date remains unclear. Some old reports speculate the phone may be called "OnePlus V Fold", while new reports suggest the name could be "OnePlus Open." It appears we have an official confirmation. Following Galaxy Z Fold 5's launch earlier this week, OnePlus tweeted, "We OPEN when others FOLD", suggesting its first folding smartphone might be called "OnePlus Open" after all.

The OnePlus foldable is confirmed to launch in the third quarter of 2023, ending on September 30. However, a report suggests the launch on August 29, while the sales may begin in September. If OnePlus goes with this timeline, it will also get some time until its OnePlus numbered series, the OnePlus 12 series, officially launches. The OnePlus 12 may first debut in China at the end of the year, followed by other countries, including India, early next year.

Official details about the new OnePlus Open folding phone remain unclear, though the phone has been a part of several leaks. OnePlus will go for a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold-like folding form, instead of the clamshell-like flip mechanism. That's likely to have got to do with Oppo already offering the Oppo Find N2 Flip in India and other parts of Europe. Oppo also sells the Oppo Find N2, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, though it is only available in China. OnePlus may take inspiration from its sister brand Oppo for its first foldable.

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