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Popular Smart Home Technologies:

  1. Integration:

From a pure integration standpoint, more smart home devices are starting to communicate with one another, as multiple rooms in a home can be outfitted with Google Home speakers that can function in a group(s) instead of individual units. A Philips Hue lighting system can control the lights in the entire home and can follow specific routines that you create to turn the lights on or off across the household according to your schedule and needs.

A smart refrigerator detects you’re low on milk it could add it to the shopping list stored on your Amazon Alexa device. Connection is key when it comes to expanding the smart home system.

If you have a smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection and an outlet, most people are set to connect a lot of devices -- which makes the barrier to entry lower for smart home tech across the board.

2. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things:

AI in smart homes helps residents play music, update their to-do lists, turn lights off and on and much more. The Internet of Things made in the smart home world in regards to IoT will have a lot of implications for making life easier, particularly in the smart kitchen and smart bathroom space.

3. Health Tech:

Smart air purifiers and air conditioners are on the rise to assist in elevating and maintaining air quality. Some smart doorbells are integrating temperature-taking functionality so that people can screen their guests. Smart water filtration systems are helping with overall health. Advanced smart toilets are

using sensors to analyze waste and skin to provide insight into the user’s health and alert them about any issues that may arise, with the hope that users can seek professional attention before a problem worsens.

4. Privacy Features:

Smart home tech has faced issues with data breaches and security hacks. To remain relevant to savvy consumers today, companies are advancing features to ensure users of these devices that their info and their private lives inside their homes are safe.

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