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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5: First impressions:

Galaxy Z Flip 5: Hands-on with the new Flip phone-

The new Galaxy Z Flip 5 has a form factor similar to its predecessor, but it is the cover display on the phone that makes it different from the previous-generation model. The cover display, also called the Flex Window, is 3.78 times larger than the previous version. It measures 3.4 inches. Interestingly, the bigger cover display offers a wide range of new capabilities. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 allows users to do almost everything from the cover screen that they can do from the primary screen. Now, on the Flex Window, users can get access to a plethora of widgets, quick settings, and other interesting features.

Also, the fifth-generation Flip phone is said to be the slimmest and sleekest Flip mobile ever.

We like the camera functionality of the phone. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has the most powerful camera on a Flip phone. We have tested its cameras, although briefly, and the initial results are promising.

Also, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes with new AI improvements in the camera. The AI-powered image signal processing algorithm is said to correct any visual noise that typically spoils low-light images while enhancing details and colour tone.

We, however, can talk about the full potential of its cameras after we put them to use in different conditions and environments. Not to our surprise, the phone is light in weight. So, one can easily operate it for long hours.

Its 6.2-inch HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display is a treat to the eyes. The new Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be available in four colours - Mint, Graphite, Cream, and Lavender – at a price of $999.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Hands-on with the new Fold-

Much like the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung has made some significant improvements in the Fold 5 as well.

Interestingly, the Fold 5 is 10 grams lighter than its predecessor. While the difference in weight may look negligible, it does add to the comfort and ease of handling the phone. As Samsung claims, the Fold 5 is also the thinnest Foldable phone yet.

Like earlier versions, the large main screen of the Fold 5 provides an expansive viewing experience. Also, the new Fold packs a brighter screen. In the new version of the Galaxy Fold, the peak brightness has increased by more than 30%, which makes the screen appropriate for an optimal viewing experience outdoors even under bright sunlight. The screen is vibrant and produces crisp details.

One of the major additions to the Fold is the ability to have faster access to recent apps. The improved taskbar enables dynamic productivity by allowing users to quickly switch between frequently-used apps.

Gamers would be excited to know that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is claimed to comfortably handle marathon gaming sessions with its advanced cooling system. We can comment on it after testing it for a longer period. The phone will be available in three colours – Icy Blue, Phantom Black, and Cream – at a price of $1,799. Both phones will be available for pre-order in select markets from July 26, with general availability starting on August 11.

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