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TECNO’s Dynamic 1: Meet the latest robotic dog on the block:

Chinese technology company TECNO has officially unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI) enabled robotic dog called Dynamic 1. Showcased at the Mobile World Congress on Monday, February 26, in Barcelona, Dynamic 1 is the latest in robotic canines making the news of late.

According to reports on the robot’s capabilities, Dynamic 1 can climb up a flight of stairs thanks to its torque output of 45 Newton meters per kilogram (Nm/kg) and can also bow and “shake hands.”

The company claims that it can recognize voice commands due to the presence of four microphones and an AI-based voice recognition algorithm.

Dynamic 1 is also equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to respond to smartphone apps or a remote.

The diminutive robodog also comes equipped with a headlight system that illuminates its path and acts as an indicator for interacting with people, explains TECHO.

It is powered by an Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) central processing unit (CPU) that supports dynamic stability, rapid post-fall recovery, and speeds of up to 8.3 miles per hour (about 3.7 meters per second).

Additionally, it is packed with various cameras and sensors that allow it to navigate obstacles.

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