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My Art & Crafts

This is my art and crafts page. Here I will upload all my creative crafts and different arts. I hope you will like them. I will also upload various types of models.

01-  Pen and Ink Sketch

 These are few of my arts I made.

 Hope you like it.

  • The first one is the sketch of a bird. I made this just using a pen.

  • And the second one is a picture of a tree, made by melting wax crayons.

02-  Pinhole Camera
        Working Model

 This is my pinhole camera model project. It   also works. I made it using cardboard.

  • Pinhole Camera works on the principle of rectilinear light motion, which states that light travels in a straight line.

  • It generates an inverted image due to the straight line passage of light.

03-  Periscope Working Model

 This is my periscope model project. It also           works. I made this also using cardboard.

  • A periscope is an instrument that reflects pictures via a tube using a prism, lens, or mirror system.

  • It based on the laws of reflection. There are 2 mirrors inclined at an angle of 45 degrees in the periscope

04-  Kaleidoscope Working Model

 This is my mini kaleidoscope model. It also       works. I made this using 3 rectangular mirrors.

  • A Kaleidoscope typically works on the principle of multiple reflections.

  • The mirrors reflect the images of objects inside, creating a symmetrical pattern.

05-  Water Level Indicator

 This is my water level indicator project using a   transistor. It indicates the level of water and gives a   signal to stop pouring/filling the water.

  • It's a simple project. You just need a small cardboard box and follow the circuit diagram.

  • Here's the circuit diagram: 

06-  Cardboard Crane Model

Will Upload Soon.......

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